Most people who have MS for any length of time will be aware of the hope that has been raised by “quack” remedies.Some of these have cause both financial and hardship disappointment.

We sincerely hope that Oxygen will not be a disappointment to you and that the work of Dr’s Neubauer and Fischer in the U.S.A. and Dr James and Petra Kliempt, NHS Specialist Trainer in Oxygen Therapy in Dundee, will bring benefit to many MS people through this type of treatment at the centre.

Do not expect a miracle cure, for that is, to say the least, unlikely, but on the record so there is a real chance of some beneficial response to make daily living easier and more enjoyable.

At the end of it’s first nine months of operation the MS Centre in Dundee was treating 190 MS patients with more that 5,000 treatments given.

Around 50% of those treated reported changes sufficient to influence their daily living activities and continue with the treatment.

Many more reported a good response in at least one symptom offering perhaps some degree of relief.

The rate of follow-on or top-up treatment varies from once or twice a week to once a month and aims to retain any benefits gained from the initial treatment.

Oxygen began to be introduced to MS patients at least 18 years ago. A few have experience minor deterioration’s.

Experience has shown that by adjusting pressures to suit individual requirements, these have generally cleared up as treatment has continued.

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