What is Oxygen Therapy?

It is increasing the concentration of just the same oxygen we breathe normally in air.

We all live under the pressure of the atmosphere and the extra pressure required for this treatment is small.

A Barochamber is used to allow the pressure around the body to be increased.

The technology is very well established, as with all commercial aircraft, oxygen chambers are equipped with oxygen breathing systems!

Doctors have only recently recognised that even when the level of oxygen in the blood is normal there can be a severe deficiency in the tissues.

The treatment involves breathing pure oxygen in a chamber at 1.5 to 2.5 times normal atmospheric pressure for an hour per session.

The aim of the treatment it to increase oxygen intake by at least 7 times.

The pressure is varied according to the response rate of the patient, but up to a maximum of 2 atmospheres absolute (equivalent to 33 feet of seawater).


How will breathing Oxygen help?

The air that we breathe usually provides enough oxygen for both normal body metabolism and the repair of tissue damage after injury or illness.

However, tissue damage or disease also involves the blood vessels within the tissue and this may reduce blood flow.

By increasing the concentration of oxygen in the blood more can be delivered to damaged tissue to establish normal oxygen values and so allow rapid recovery to take place.

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