Because it is known that MS can cause much distress to both the sufferer and his/her family, an increasing number of centres offer confidential face-to-face counselling to help deal with the emotional effects and concerns which living with MS (or living with an MS person) can bring.

It is recognised that mind and body are inseparable, what affects one invariably affects the other. Hence it is equally as important to provide help and support for the emotional aspects of MS as for the physical effects and the symptoms. The emotional stress often manifests itself in body symptoms and is a medically recognised fact, similarly that illness and body changes have an effect upon feelings and emotions.

Confidential counselling is provided by a qualified, professionally trained counsellor offers time and space for these feelings and concerns to be identified, considered, explored, evaluated and understood and to help people get back in touch with a better sense of themselves.

It will of course not necessarily be the same Counsellor answering the phone every time. Telephone counselling provides a 24hr helpline available in crisis or times of unexpected stress when it is important to talk to someone who knows about and understands MS.

Scotland: 031-226-6573 &
England: 0207-222-3123 (London)
021-476-4229 (Birmingham)

Above all, there is enormous value and comfort to be gained by simply coming to a centre and talking to other men and women who share the same problems and experiences as you. A positive attitude to managing MS is an essential ingredient for success in dealing with the disease – generating this is much easier with such friendly associations.

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