Patients’ views

“Going in the chamber helps my general well being”
Marie, multiple sclerosis, September 2013


My name Nick Noble and I came off my motorbike on 15th September 2014 and broke my tibula, fibula and also had a spinal fracture.

I was fitted with an external fixator on my leg to align the bones and then I was told it was just a matter of time.

Being what I am, I needed to speed up my recovery! I did some research on the internet for some sort of alternative treatment/aid and discovered Chedgrave MS Therapy who have a chamber where you can breathe oxygen under pressure which can help heal br…

“I go to the chamber for treatment every week.  I cannot say what it does for my condition, but if I don’t go I know I haven’t been”
John, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), May 2013

The Centre has treated several people with broken bones.  Although there is still some controversy as to whether hyperbaric oxygen treatment is effective, first hand experience proves to us that  it definitely helps speed up the time it usually takes to heal a broken bone.

The aim is to increase the supply of oxygen to the fracture site, which theoretically should improve healing.

We have had several customers who have MS and have fallen and broken bones.  Where the bone is not in plaster, for instance at the shoulder, or the bone has been pinned, the results have been significant enough for fracture consultants to be impressed at the speed of healing.

The Centre also treats a speed-way rider who, when he breaks bones, will come in for treatment so he can get back on his bike and get earning again!