Both research and a wealth of “user” experience show that physiotherapy has a vital role in containing the effects of MS.

At some Therapy Centres professionally qualified physiotherapists specialising in the treatment of MS provide both individual and group remedial treatments.

Individual sessions provide the basis for trained assessment of the MS person’s particular areas of difficulty and the exercise routines best needed to control and improve these conditions.

The individual’s progress can thereafter be monitored and his/her programme adjusted to suit any changes in condition as soon as they can be detected.

Exercise is never easy (except for fanatics!) but people are only asked to do what they are capable of and what is right for their MS state.

Taking “physio” in a group or class helps most of us to maintain a disciplined approach to regular exercise – and turns this essential effort into an enjoyable social occasion too.

In spite of the variety of MS there are certain important factors similar to them all. Hence different people with different symptoms can benefit greatly from the same set of exercises.

Some of the symptoms of MS, such as muscle weakness or spasm, occur as a secondary symptom to the initial nerve damage, therefore if the body is persuaded to move normally even if its reflex responses have diminished – the adverse effect that abnormal movement has on muscles will be delayed. The aims of neuro-physiotherapy are:

and the most important of all :

These in turn will help with limb control, reduce spasticity, improve strength, aid walking and act against further secondary complications.

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