Chedgrave Therapy Centre is situated approximately 10 miles south of Norwich, just off the A146 in Norfolk and only a few miles north of the Suffolk border.  We have been based at our present location since 1986, it not only houses the ‘sphere’ in which our patients take their ‘dive’, but is also spacious enough to have coffee mornings and other functions such as jumble sales.

Originally we rented the ‘sphere’ at peppercorn rate, which greatly reduced our expenditure, but unfortunately in 1993 the owner of the ‘sphere’ decided to sell it, which left us in somewhat of a dilemma.  Thankfully a ‘mystery benefactress’ came to our aid and we were able to buy the ‘sphere’.  With another stroke of good fortune we have now been able to repay our ‘mystery benefactress’.

It currently costs about £16,500 a year to keep everything running smoothly. The money to keep the centre functioning has to be raised by the committee and other devoted friends, together with donations from our patients, so therefore we can keep the cost of a session to £12.


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